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Rocoto Granata - Very small batch

Rocoto Granata - Very small batch

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Rococo chili peppers, are a bit different. They like to be outside, have black seeds, furry leaves, heat like an hug and overall just a little strange. 
That’s why we love them, this sauce is so simple it’s complex.  

Also a sauce that develops over time. 

4 ingredients: 2 year fermented Rocoto peppers - Honey - Brain - salt (From fermentation)

The name, Rocco Granata is a Belgian-Italian singer, composer and actor, known for the 1959 hit "Marina". He was born in Italy in 1938 and moved to Belgium at a young age. Granata's music combines elements of Italian folk music and modern pop. In addition to his musical career, he has also appeared in several films.

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