veggies, herbs, spices, we mix them all.

We ferment most of our chilies, as we feel the flavor and depth really shines true this way.

Fermentation is also good for your gut and body. Combine this with the season's local fruits, vegetables, and lots of love from us.



We brought them from our own travels, bought them on local markets, and asked friends to bring us seeds from their travels.. This gives us some crazy chili genetics to work with. We grow them and selectively keep on breeding them to create taste wonders.

We love pickling seasonal stuff to preserve nature’s bounty. And to have crispy, zingy veggies throughout the year. We like to use the old techniques but give them our own little twist.

Our stuff is natural, and may change over time in color or flavor. This is okay, as long as there is no gas/bubbling.


We have also taken time to think

of how to be the best we can when it comes to our bottles, labels and shipping.

We use PreventedOCEAN Plastic PET Bottles, who clean beaches to then make bottles, they can also be re-recycled. Very cool !

Our glass we hope you will give back to us, either at our food-trailer Ronnie or where you buy your next fix.


Basic Batch

A mix of fermented chilis, whichever are around at that time. Maybe test batches from a small harvest or that jar of ferment on the top shelf we forgot about. Some are from this year, some may be years old. In the end we balance the sweet and sour with vinegars, sugar and honey.

It’s your everyday on everything sauce.


We love the smell and taste of roasted leek, so we made it into a salsa/dip/ad-into sauce thing. We got lots of green poblanos at this time too, they are great roasted too.

This stuff was mixed
into a mild, sweet, dark deep green and perfect addition for your next taco, nacho.


The sauce that will make you sweat. Sudorfic means “medicine to make you sweat” in Latin. Chilis’ heat works in many different ways. Here we collected some superhot legends and some taste giants, all with the objective to make you perforate. Enjoy this fuck you sauce with care.

Not much is added to the peppers, just enough to create some balance. The peppers are the
flavor stars of this sauce.

Creepy carrot

Mainly using the Orange Bhut Jolokia, which’ heat comes slowly but strong, the citron notes when they are fresh, we matched it up with some sweet carrots. A creep in a carrot suit !

Creepy carrot: 4/5 hotness
100ml 6e

Fresh young garlic from the garden, carrot juice, apple vinegar, bio acacia honey, carrot, Home grown and
fermented ghost pepper plus Bahamian goat chili. water, xantham.

Yellow Bridesmate

Originally created as a gift for the bridesmates (yes, they exist) at a friend's wedding it was such a sweet and loved sauce we keep on making it. It has fennel, lots of honey and a good amount of heat added to it. Just like a good wedding (with added fennel).