Pickle & Peppers is founded by Martin and Geert. These two dudes mix your stuff. A chef and a chemist working together to create your fixes of healthy addiction.

We came together in 2020 with the love for nature, growing peppers, making sauce, gardening and cooking great natural food.

We often work off the cuff, which means: Things happen in the moment with whatever fresh seasonal ingredients are available. We love local and organic stuff and try to use this as much as possible.

Two dudes on a mission.

We want to take care of ourselves, our people and the planet

We want to connect people with food, nature, us and each other. It’s a bold statement, we know.
But hear us out.

Come to our foodtrailer and connect with us. We’ll tell you what we cooked and how we cooked it.
We’ll tell you where the food was grown with love for the planet.

We’ll hook you up with some pickle(s) and peppers that you’ll want to share with friends and family.