The big colorful fellow we call Ronnie

we use him to cook up some great food and to showcase how we like to use our sauces, pickles and spices.

We also do catering, either with Ronnie where we cook our Pickle & Peppers fancy farmer food for bigger groups. Or, in a more private setting, mostly cooking over fire, letting the seasons dictate the menus. Send us a telegram and we chat about your request.


In our trailer we have a 6 spit rotisserie, where we roast good local quality chicken. We first give them a 12 hour bath in a brine with spices. Then we smoke them, to then get crispy on the rotisserie.

If you don’t like chicken or don’t eat meat, we will roast seasonal veggies that we will give the same attention as the birds.

All our current products will also be available here, plus seasonal small batch goods.