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Dried Cherry Smoked Dutch Reaper Peppers - 10g

Dried Cherry Smoked Dutch Reaper Peppers - 10g

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 If you are looking for a smoked super hot pepper, look no further. These peppers where smoked over cherrie wood, enhancing the natural berry like flavor of the peppers.

 If you think chipotle is way too mild, give these golden nuggets a try. Perfect to use in marinades for BBQ, if you can handle the heat.

 The Dutch Reaper is the dutch bred selection of the infamous Carolina Reaper. It has the same heat profile, the same flavor and sweetness. They have a berrie - like flavor, some fruitiness and the classic reaper flavor.

 The walls are bit thicker, the heat is more or less the same as its US mother. With a range from 1.000.000 tot 2.000.000 SHU there is plenty of heat to enjoy.

The peppers' heat already starts at a good level when you bite into it but will start to build after a while and build and build... taking you on a little spicy trip. 

In 10g of dried peppers you while get around x whole dried peppers.

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