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Fresh Brown Poblano Peppers

Fresh Brown Poblano Peppers

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With a SHU rating from 1000 to 1500 these poblano's are very low in heat.

The brown poblano is the ripe version of the green poblano. They are little sweeter than the green poblano. And have a more mature taste with hints of raisins, dates and sometimes a hint of coffee like bitterness.

They are a staple in Mexican cooking. Often roasted an de-skinned before being filled with cheese, meat or veggi stuff. Coated in a batter and fried. Delicious! (look for poblano relleno recipes). The brown poblano can be smoked, dried and are then called Ancho peppers. They are one of the base ingredients in Mexican mole sauces. Get Ancho peppers here (add link).

Roast them, skin them and chop them up with a dressing for a tasty side dish.

Add them raw to salads or sandwiches.

They are well suited for pickling, they keep a good crunch and freshness. If you don't want to pickle them yourself, we have them here.

If you are looking for an alternative for regular bell peppers, give poblano's a try.

1 Poblano weighs 100g.


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